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The sad truth is that many Coaches, Consultants and Therapists struggle to get a decent return from their website and marketing.

To compound the issue, your prospects are getting savvy to most advertising and turning a blind eye to the constant onslaught of LinkedIn posts and Facebook sponsored ads leading to sales pitches that they’ve seen and heard before.

MarkEdmundsPlease let me introduce myself. My name is Mark Edmunds and since 2009, I’ve been helping small businesses attract clients and improve their sales conversion using video testimonials and internet marketing.

In that time I’ve also studied direct response marketing both online and off, read dozens of business books, subscribed to many courses on internet marketing from the big known gurus and most importantly been closely mentored by an unknown hero of the marketing world who charges a high five figures for a single sales funnel – and he can because he makes millions for himself and his clients! Prior to that, I was a software engineer for 18 years developing everything from low-level systems through to large commercial websites; so have an eye for complexity and detail.

Now, though I am most known for helping my clients improve their sales conversion using video; there are two far more urgent and bigger problems most coaches, consultants and therapists need to first solve.

You see, I’ve realised most people are simply not at the stage where they are ready to benefit from the power of video testimonials.

This is because, first, their website and marketing need fixing.

Because, at a glance, their site may all look good … especially from a prettiness point of view.

But, often the most important element of the site is broken. And that’s the way it communicates how you can help your prospective clients and why they should take action to get in contact with you, right NOW!

Think of it like a shop located on a bustling high street.

People walk by every day and some will glance through the window just in case the shop might have what they want.  But if it’s not obvious that the shop stocks the specific product for them, most are likely to keep on walking; rather than enter the shop and ask “can you help?“.

It’s exactly the same when prospects visit a website.  Someone right now could be glancing at your home page and, unless it instantly appeals to their wants and desires, they could be walking away thinking – “no they can’t help as they don’t do what I want… I’ll try the next one”.

Now it’s not the web developers fault.  They are good at making slick looking websites.  But very few are taught what makes people tick or how to use the 26 human motivators to actually trigger the prospect to take action.

And it’s also not what most coaches and consultants really want (or have the time) to get good at. Instead, their expertise is to provide the services their customers love and they are passional about delivering!

The second problem is that most websites do not get enough targeted traffic. They rely on organic ranking, hoping that Google will favour their website when someone does a search. Or they hope that the odd piece of social marketing will bring in a little bit of traffic. Or they don’t even think about it…

However, without a constant and reliable source of traffic bringing in targeted prospects, your website is likely to do nothing. Regardless of how good the content is.

So with my team, it’s our mission to help business owners benefit from having websites and marketing systems that produce tangible results and profits which go directly into their pockets.

To find out more, please get in touch for a no-obligation chat to see if we can help make your life as a coach, therapist or consultant easier.