Look, this is important.

Have you ever noticed that when people want to capture your email address for marketing purposes they pretty much all do the same thing?

They stick up an advert on say Facebook or LinkedIn that takes you to a simple lead page. With often a formulaic headline, an image representing what they get, a few bullet points and an opt-in form for your email address…

Which you instantly see for what it is.

And most likely you instantly leave because they’ve built no trust with you…

Or you enter your “spam” email address…

Because the bribe is kinda tempting … but you’re not entirely sure of their intentions. Except probably flog you something as soon as you opt-in…

Perhaps a good analogy would be that it’s like they’re approaching the nearest girl in a bar and saying “hey, you lonely and wanna go home with me?” … rather than having a conversation and showing that they’re actually interested in the person and looking for the right (and serious) relationship…

Well …

Just like Toto did, the little dog in the Wizard of Oz, it’s now time for me to pull back the curtain…

Because this is actually a lead page too.

So, lemme explain why it works so well.

You see, the aim of of a good lead page is to persuade you to exchange your email address in return for some further really good information.

Specific to your desires and situation. Information that you’ve not heard before. Information that you perceive to be critical to your success.

But this is a bit different, isn’t it?

As you can see, it’s not a typical short opt-in page. Like most people use and that are often instantly dismissed because people have often seen something similar in the past.

Instead, this is new.

Or different.

And you’ve now clicked through a number of pages to get to this point. Discovering new stuff or having your knowledge reinforced. Making a small “micro-commitment” every page by clicking on the next button because it has drawn you along.

And if you’ve invested your time to get to this point, then you will most likely want to keep reading.

Because you’re engaged.

Due to your nagging desire to have a greater impact on the world and that driven need to get your systems out there in the form of online training. Most likely some of your big ideas and future projects rely on the success of productising your knowledge so it can be sold online too.

And because this article is giving you some insights on the reasons why you’ve not had the success in the past.

More likely you’re having a few realisations too.

Such as how the gurus, that annoy you so much, had it easier because they started earlier. Or how they joint-ventured with someone that gave them a boost in their early ‘online’ career.

And that the old fill-in-the-blank headline formulas often given out by the gurus typically don’t work because they just encourage you to put something together that people automatically and subconsciously filter them out – because they’ve seen something similar before.

You’re also most likely curious about what I’m going to say in the full article as I’m breaking some key rules…

Such as most experts will quite happily tell you that your audience allegedly has the attention span of a gnat and long copy doesn’t work anymore…

Whereas, I’m actually using it to grab your attention and show you I’m different. Because long copy does work… And you’ve proved that by getting to here.

I’m also breaking one other humungous rule, too.

But I’ll tell you about that later on in the article after you’ve opted in…

Anyway, going back to my promise on the first page. If you remember, I said I’d share the six reasons why what you’ve tried hasn’t worked for you.

Well, so far I’ve only shared the first.

So it is only now that I ask you for your best email address to discover all six reasons… when I’ve proven I’ve got some interesting ideas and knowledge that could help you…

But as I said in the very beginning, this isn’t for newbies.

It’s for business and management consultants who are already successful in their own field. Experienced consultants who have their own proven IP that they want to share with customers who can’t afford the high fees to hire you directly but who really need your help – so would be willing to pay for online products…

So to keep time wasters, tyre kickers out and info-junkies out, we filter out anyone who uses an anonymous or personal email and isn’t a business or management consultant. Simply because the quality of in the information is so high…

So now you’ve got a choice to make.

Return back to Facebook or LinkedIn and spend the rest of your life wondering if this would have made the difference for you… Or keep reading by entering your business email below.

In addition, you’ll also discover:

  • The number one reason why almost everyone fails… including you… unless you know this.
  • The task that everyone tries to avoid but needs to be done properly if you want to succeed.
  • The biggest lie you hear from the gurus and why you squander an absolute fortune if you believe it.
  • The scientific method of finding the best audience that is right for your message and products – and without it means you will waste even more time and money.

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Not doing it for you?

Maybe it’s because you’re thinking “this is a lead page so as soon as I enter my details, you’ll bombard me forever with offer after offer…”

So, sorry to disappoint.

But that’s isn’t the case.

There is NOTHING to buy on the other side.


Nothing. Nowt. Nadder.

Simply because my specialism is directly partnering with a very small handful of experienced non-competing consultants to ensure their online products and membership sites are successful. And because I’m so specialised in what I do, the profit sharing partnerships tend to last for a long time – often many years…

Because of this, I don’t have any spare resource at the moment. Not for any significant project anyway.

However, I really enjoy sharing my ideas.

So I’ve put this together because I want to help more consultants and to dispel some of the big myths going around

Just because I can.

And being completely open, I know that there will be a time in the future when I would like to work with an additional client or two. However, that might not be for 6 months or 3 years…

So, in the meantime, scroll up and enter your business email and enjoy the content.

And if you don’t like what I send you, I’m GDPR compliant so just unsubscribe…

See you on the other side.