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Not Getting Enough High-Value Coaching Clients?

Discover why the “MORE‑TIFICATION TRAP” will destroy your chances of ever having a Highly Successful Coaching Business.

(And find out what you need to change in order to gain an impact driven business where you focus on helping people… rather than driving yourself crazy trying to get clients)

You can taste it, can’t you…

How AMAZING life could be.

Being paid handsomely to positively change your clients’ lives using your innate skills and coaching abilities.

And even better, having the time to enjoy all the rewards of your Highly Successful Coaching Business because you can work when you want… where you want… and as much as you want. 

But alas…

If you’re reading this, your Coaching Business isn’t the dream you were hoping for…

As everything you’ve tried to get a regular stream of decent clients has been as disappointing as a damp firework on a miserable November evening…

And in your attempts to build your business, you’ve probably:

  • Eaten more greasy breakfasts whilst networking than you care to think about.
  • Spent massive chunks of your savings (or racked up the credit cards) on marketing courses that never delivered.
  • Hired an expensive web developer to create a website that’s about as much use as a billboard in the middle of the Sahara desert.
  • Wasted many precious evenings and weekends creating products or programmes that hardly anyone’s bought.
  • Thrown vast sums of money at Facebook, Google or Instagram for nothing more than a few “likes” and “shares”.
  • And given all your secrets away on social media in a fruitless attempt to attract new clients.

Depressing isn’t it!

How you’ve got all the expertise and qualifications you need… and a burning desire to make a difference…

Yet you feel desperately stuck.

And unsure why nothing you’ve tried has got you the results you desired.

To make it even worse, competition in the Coaching Industry is at an all-time HIGH … and your prospect’s attention and trust is at an all-time LOW.

So… let me explain what’s going on.

As you’ve got two choices.

The FIRST is to do what most coaches do in this situation…. which attempt to fix it by doing MORE.

  • MORE networking.
  • MORE social media posts.
  • MORE leaflets.
  • MORE videos.
  • MORE podcasts.
  • MORE phone calls.
  • MORE writing blogs.
  • MORE sending emails.
  • MORE creating webinars.

But when this doesn’t get them the results they want, panic sets in and they raise it up another notch by trying to MORE.

Leading to what’s called: “MORE-TIFICATION”.

Because the big problem with just doing MORE… is that it leads to MORE frustration, MORE stress, MORE overwhelm and MORE of the same “disappointing lack of new clients or product sales”.

Which can turn into a shameful feeling of guilt or embarrassment… as you start to notice your family and friends losing faith in you. Faith that you’ll ever get the results you’ve excitedly told them about. Faith that you’re even cut out for business at all…

And I realise this probably triggers a feeling of discomfort as you read this.

But that’s a good thing because it means that it’s time to make a change.

And I know because I’ve been here and REALLY get it! Though that’s a painful and embarrassing story I’ll with you share another day.

As the key thing I want you to take away here… is that doing MORE isn’t the answer to your problems.

Though before I share what you need to do, let’s look at the TWO KEY REASONS behind many of the problems you’re facing…

The first reason why you’re struggling to get clients is due to “MARKET POLLUTION”.

You see, because competition is so high, there are lots of other Coaches out there all desperately cranking out content in an attempt to get noticed…

But, because most of them will never discover what I’m sharing with you, they are unwittingly falling into the MORE-TIFICATION trap of churning out MORE and MORE content… 

Which, unfortunately, leads to a REALLY BIG problem.

For them… and YOU!

As it means they’re unintentionally POLLUTING your marketplace with what’s seen as highly annoying “noise” by much of your prospective market.

Noise that “pollutes their Facebook feeds” or “stalks them as they go from one website to another”.

Resulting in high scepticism over any offers or promises made. Or desensitisation and ad-blindness, where they no longer take any real notice of most articles, adverts or social posts spewed out by most Coaches.

The second reason why most Coaches struggle, is because they talk about “transformation” and very little else.

And if you’re doing this, you’re making life far harder than it needs to be.

The reason being, the “biggest pool of potential clients who need your help” aren’t ready for transformation yet… or even looking for a Coach…

Instead, they’re stumbling through life in a state of “unawareness” and trying desperately to cope with a specific problem.

Their anxiousness. Their relationship. Their career. Their children. Their addiction. Their mental health. Their eating disorder. Their sexuality. Their pregnancy.

All they know is that they’d like that specific problem or pain to go away.  However, they’re also fearful of making the wrong choice or somehow making the problem worse.

Which means talking to them about lighting their inner-fire or achieving greatness does, frankly, bugger all. And anyone who isn’t ready for transformation (most people) will think “eh, I don’t get it…” before scrolling onto the next thing on their phone or computer.

(And if you’re thinking “… but that’s how people like Tony Robbins does it”, they can get away with it because they have massive budgets and are well known enough to corner the smaller marker of people aware they need coaching…

So if you don’t have a big budget and aren’t well known, it’s far easier to get clients by specifically talking to them about the problem they want fixing.

As it is the pain of a situation that makes people take action.

What you need to do…

To get results you need to slice through all the “MARKET POLLUTION” in a way that directly appeals to your prospects specific painful situation.

But without falling into the trap of “MORE-TIFICATION”.

Because just doing: 

  • MORE networking.
  • MORE social posts
  • MORE emails.
  • MORE advertising.

…. without changing your strategy is like pouring water into a LEAKY BUCKET.

Because no matter how much time, money and effort you pour in… pretty much all of it will just leak right out.

Which is an utter waste and a total lack of return on your hard work.


  • You need to figure out exactly who you want to work with.
  • Discover how they describe their problem so that you can catch their attention.
  • And position yourself in a way that makes them want to work with you.

Which is where I come in.

My name’s Mark and I work with Coaches to uniquely position them as leaders in their market using breakthrough messaging.

I help my clients in three ways.

1. Troubleshooting

If you have existing content – whether it be a webinar that’s not converting or a website that’s not bringing in any clients, I can take a look and give you detailed feedback on why it’s not working and advise what action you need to take to get results.

2. Planning.

If you need a new campaign or want to reposition yourself but feel stuck because you’re too close, I can help you redesign your Coaching Business.

3. Done For You.

If you need a highly-converting webinar script or web copy written for you, then we can work together to find your marketplace and then I’ll craft the words you need to use to get clients or make online sales.

It’s now time to make a decision…

Remember earlier, I said you have two choices. 

The first is to stay on your current path… and try to figure out all this stuff for yourself.

Which will take a lot of time, hard work, head-scratching trial and error and painful failures. All whilst you’re struggling to getting enough clients and profits to enjoy life without the constant worry of whether there’ll be enough money to pay all the bills.

Alternatively, your second choice is to take action and get in touch using the form below to discuss what’s holding you back and discover the fastest route for getting you from “where you currently are” to “where you want to be”.

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